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4 May
As I sit here -Aldershot- contemplating -Aldershot- the

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Subject: As I sit here -Aldershot- contemplating -Aldershot- the
	tempta-Aldershot-tions of...

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The comp.risks list sometimes comes up with truly delightful things.

Quote from *Daily Telegraph*, 1 May 1999, Property section - in an article
explaining how to keep seagulls from nesting on your chimney-stack:

  The other day, I got a call from a man complaining that the gulls outside
  his window were interfering with his voice-activated computer.
  Apparently, every time a seagull let out a loud squawk, his computer would
  type up the word 'Aldershot' on this screen.  After a while, that kind of
  thing can drive you mad.

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