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7 May
What a country. What a site license!

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Subject: What a country. What a site license!

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[Forwards translated this from what the icelanders call "scandinavian".]

28.04.99: Icelanders access to Encyclopaedia Britannica

The government of Iceland recently voted for the minister of education's
proposal to sign a deal on the Icelandic nation's access to Encyclopaedia
Britannicas database on the internet. The agreement means that all Icelandic
internet users are granted access. At the same time, Britannica has
requested for cooperation with icelanders on collection of material on
Iceland for the encyclopedia. It is probably the first time this publisher
grants a whole nation access to the database.

The ministry of education's main purpose with the deal was to secure
teachers, pupils and researchers access to Britannica. However, during the
negotiations the publishers granted all icelanders access to the Britannica
database, which contains textual sources in the millions, as well as
pictures and multimedia content.

Source: Ministry of culture and education, Iceland


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