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8 May
LIT BITS V2 #126

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Subject: LIT BITS V2 #126

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V2 #126

LITERARY CALENDAR        Saturday, May 8 1999        Volume 02 : Number 126

Today is Saturday, 8 May 1999; on this day,

104 years ago (1895),

	Edmund Wilson--journalist, critic, poet, novelist--is born in Red
   Bank, N.J. e. e. cummings, will later characterize the author of _Memoirs
   of Hecate County_ and _To the Finland Station_ as "the man in the iron

100 years ago (1899),

	With police present to protect the players, the Irish Literary
   Theatre is inaugurated in Dublin with W. B. Yeats's _The Countess
   Cathleen_ (written 1889-92).

69 years ago (1930),

	One of the earliest of the Beat Poets, Gary Snyder is born in San
   Francisco, California.

61 years ago (1938),

	Thomas Pynchon--author of _V_ and _The Crying of Lot 49_--is born
   in Glen Cove, New York.

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