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10 May
Startup Stereotypes

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Subject: Startup Stereotypes

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From: jeremy bornstein

Lenny (who is my CEO) and I were at a party this past weekend.  He told me
about the following conversation which he had there with a person whom I'll
call "Lamont", because that was his name.


Lamont: So, you're hiring, right?  What positions do you still have open?

Lenny: You mean in engineering?

Lamont: Yeah.  For example, do you have the guy with the ponytail yet?

Lenny: That's Dan.

Lamont: Cool.  What about the guy with the piercings?

Lenny: That's Jeremy.

Lamont: What about the bald guy?

Lenny: We just made a job offer.


After Lenny told this to me, we decided that he may be a member of the
emerging stereotype "Asian Marketing Weasel", but that it was too early to
tell if this would be as viable a stereotype as the others mentioned above.

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