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11 May
W95 Y2K Thing...

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Subject: W95 Y2K Thing...

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..I'm sure everyone saw the thing about Microsoft witholding the y2k fix
for w95 in order to drive people to w98.

But I love this MS guy's comments (from :

   "I don't want people taking action based on Microsoft thinking about
   doing something," said Don Jones, year 2000 product manager at Microsoft.
   "Until I'm 100% sure that we're going to provide an update or fix, I
   don't want to tell anybody," Jones added. "People will spend millions of
   dollars, [implementing strategies based on such information], and the
   last thing I want to do is spread fear, uncertainty and doubt in their

 I mean, God forbid Microsoft pre-announce products.  Or promise things
 years before their actual delivery.  Or promise things and then simply
 abandon them.  And they certainly wouldn't want to be FUDing up the market;
 that would be terrible.  It is curious, though, that the y2k patch people
 seem to be the only ones in the empire who got the memo outlining those

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