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Internet Index #24

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                               The Internet Index
                                   Number 24
                         Inspired by "Harper's Index"*
                 Compiled by Win Treese (
             Co-author of "Designing Systems for Internet Commerce"
                                  31 May 1999

Through mid-April, amount of money raised by Bill Bradley's campaign
	web site, in dollars: 30,000
Amount spent by Dan Quayle's campaign to start a web site, in dollars:

Percent increase in the number of registered domains from 1997 to 1999:
Percentage of total domains registered in .com, in 1998: 84

Number of venture capital deals for Internet-related companies, in the
	first quarter of 1999: 208
Average financing in those deals, in millions of dollars: 10
Average financing for Internet venture deals in 1998, in millions of
	dollars: 7.9

Amount spent on advertising on the Internet in 1998, in billions of
	dollars: 1.9
Estimated amount spent on outdoor advertising in 1998, in billions of
	dollars: 1.6

Estimated number of Internet users, worldwide, at the end of 1998:
Estimated percentage living in the U.S.: 52

Estimated percentage of Australians using the Internet, in 1998: 19
Estimated percentage of Australians who bought something online, in
	1998: 7

Number of U.S. households joining the Internet, per hour: 760

Number of commercial e-mail messages sent each day in the U.S., in
	billions: 7.3

Number of countries with sites on the IPv6 testbed, the "6bone": 41

Rank of Finland in number of Internet hosts per capita: 1

Price of one pair of Internet Society socks, in dollars: 4

Copyright 1999 by Win Treese. Send updates or interesting statistics to "Harper's Index" is a registered trademark of
Harper's Magazine Foundation.

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