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2 Jun
LIT BITS V2 #152

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Excerpted-from:LITERARY CALENDAR  Thursday, June 3 1999  Vol 02 : Num 152

Today is Thursday, 3 June 1999; on this day,

83 years ago (1916),

	"It must have been a little after three o'clock in the afternoon
     that it happened--the afternoon of June 3rd, 1916. It seems
     incredible that all that I have passed through--all those weird and
     terrifying experiences--should have been encompassed within so short
     a span as three brief months. Rather might I have experienced a
     cosmic cycle, with all its changes and evolutions for that which I
     have seen with my own eyes in this brief interval of time--things
     that no other mortal eye had seen before, glimpses of a world past, a
     world dead, a world so long dead that even in the lowest Cambrian
     stratum no trace of it remains. Fused with the melting inner crust,
     it has passed forever beyond the ken of man other than in that lost
     pocket of the earth whither fate has borne me and where my doom is
     sealed. I am here and here must remain." Thus opens Edgar Rice
     Burroughs' _The Land That Time Forgot_

75 years ago (1924),

	At 40 Franz Kafka dies in Kierling, Austria, leaving a plea to his
     friend Max Brod to destroy all his unpublished manuscripts, including
     _The Trial_, _The Castle_, and _Amerika_.

73 years ago (1926),

	Poet Allen Ginsberg (_Howl_) is born in Newark, New Jersey.

35 years ago (1964),

	T. S. Eliot  writes to Groucho Marx: "The picture of you in the
     newspaper saying that, amongst other reasons, you have come to London
     to see me has greatly enhanced my credit line in the neighborhood,
     and particularly with the greengrocer across the street."


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