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17 Jun
Life Imitates Art (not again!)

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Subject: Life Imitates Art (not again!)

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"The first read-through [of the script for '200 Motels'] was going rather
well when it became very clear that Life was going to make a sudden
U-turn-without-signaling to imitiate Art.  When the group [Mothers of
Invention] got to Scene 32, page 89 to be exact, there was, as is said, a
great disturbance in the force.  Much of this scene, which took place in a
hotel room where the band was staying, contained dialogue excoriating Frank
[Zappa] for using hidden tape recorders in order to steal ideas from them,
which Frank had based upon actual band conversations he had actually
recorded on actually hidden tape recorders.  As Jeff read all of the lines
which had been written for him to say, all of which were things Jeff had
said in Real Life -- about Zappa being too old...let's buy him a watch,
about not being taken seriously as a musician anymore, about quitting the
Mothers and forming his own group -- he did just that.  Right then and
	-- Liner notes for Frank Zappa's "200 Motels" soundtrack CD.

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