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1 Sep
George Segal's Banjo

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For a period of time I worked as a bellman for the Omni International Hotel
in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. It was the best job I ever had. It didn't
matter that I was forced to shave my face and dress up in a Leprechaun-type
costume complete with cap and white linen gloves...

One weekend the movie cast of "ROLLER COASTER" swept into town. At one point
I was handed the keys to a "Mr. George Segal's" suite. I must admit I had
NO idea at that time who George Segal was. All I knew was that the gentleman
whose baggage I was carrying insisted he'd carry the "banjo" case himself.
Since I, too was a banjo player, I was greatly interested in my "fare." How
often do you see someone carrying a BANJO into a Five Star hotel?

After I had deposited Mr. Segal in an opulent surrounding, he handed me a
twenty dollar bill. "No thanks," I said. "I'd rather you play the banjo for
my tip."

Dumbstruck, George Segal opened his banjo case and began playing some REALLY
good licks. I quietly closed the door and sat down on a couch, listening to
a wondrous recital. About a half hour later he came to a particular
crescendo and abruptly ended the song. "Do you know who I am?" he asked.
"No, sir," I replied. "But you're one HECK of a banjo player!"

George Segal insisted I take the twenty dollar tip. And for months he would
ask for ME whenever he needed hotel assistance. This did not please my
"concierge" one iota, to whom us bellmen paid a weekly "good faith" cash
payment, and who normally took care of such services.

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