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18 Sep
Selling Spectrum

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Subject: Selling Spectrum 

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From: Darryl Smith <>
Subject: Re: Swedish Teen on Trial For Linking to Music Files


> I'm waiting for the police to declare a certain color of blue as
> belonging strictly to them, and no one else, and that no one but a
> policeman is allowed to see that color blue.  Then, they'll start
> painting signs to themselves and erecting them in public
> rights-of-way, confident in the security of the information on these
> signs -- because, after all, it's illegal for any citizen to see that
> color blue, therefore citizens don't see it.

According to rumour this almost happened in Australia... But it was not the
police ...

Some students from Sydney Uni aparently went to the Australian version of
the FCC and requested that they have *EXCLUSIVE* access to a certain
frequency ... and the frequency was quite high up, and no-one had ever
requested a license for such a frequency.

Aparently they almost got access to the frequency until someone looked at
the spectrum and saw where they were applying for. They were applying for
*EXCLUSIVE USE* of the colour *ORANGE*. Under the radiocommuniations act at
the time they could have forced everyone to pay them money for use of

Darryl Smith VK2TDS
Sydney, Australia

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