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22 Sep
The Darth Maul Automatic Lollipop.

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Subject: The Darth Maul Automatic Lollipop.

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Re(72918):   Worst TPM toy...

You think THAT'S bad?

I nominate the Darth Maul Automatic Lollipop.

I saw this at FAO Schwartz last weekend.  It's a small handheld Darth
with a small button on his tiny tum which, when pushed, causes three
things to happen:

1) Darth's little lightsabre jerks erratically
2) A continuous "RRRRrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrRRRRrrrr" sound is produced.
3) A Tootsie Pop sticking out of the top of Darth's head begins to spin.

The thought of a child too lazy to manually suck on a lollipop, resorting
to a mechanical device to make sugar more or less fall into their mouth,
all the while having said device make clumsy hacking motions at their neck
with a plastic lightsabre, signifies to me that all hope for the future is

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