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26 Sep
LIT BITS V2 #268

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Subject: LIT BITS V2 #268

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V2 #268

Today is Monday, 27 September 1999; on this day,

299 years ago (1700),

	William Congreve (_The Way of the World_) writes a married lady-
     friend: "For my part I keep the Commandments, I love my neighbour as
     my selfe, and to avoid Coveting my neighbour's wife I desire to be
     coveted by her; which you know is quite another thing."

207 years ago (1792),

	English caricaturist and illustrator George Cruikshank is born in
     London. His colored etchings will enliven Dickens' _Sketches by Boz_
     and later works.

82 years ago (1917),

	Novelist Louis Auchincloss (_The Romantic Egoists_; _The Winthrop
     Covenant_) is born in Lawrence, New York.

72 years ago (1927),

	In St. Abbondio, Switzerland, Hugo Ball, a founder of the Dada
     movement, dies. Apart from his connection to the movement, he is also
     known for an early critical biography of German novelist Hermann Hesse.

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