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27 Sep
QOTD -- Perlman, 9/27/99

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Subject: QOTD -- Perlman, 9/27/99

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Radia Perlman's _Interconnections Second Edition_ is out and it is a
significant re-writing of the older classic.  In particular, in the last
chapter she includes a series of sidebars illustrating bad protocol design
by way of real-life experiences.  For example, on page 505:


    Real-life example of "know the problem":  When my son was three I saw
    him in the hallway crying, holding up his hand, saying, "My hand!  My
    hand!"  I took his hand lovingly and kissed it a few times and said,
    "What's the matter, honey?  Did you hurt it?"  He sobbed, "No, I got
    pee on it."

Radia Perlman, _Interconnections Second Edition_, ISBN 0-201-63448-1,
copyright 2000, published by Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.

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