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28 Sep
Pig Tales

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A small pig walked into a bar and ordered a root beer.  After the pig
finished his root beer, he asked if he might use the rest room.  The
surprised bartender had no real problem with that, so the pig disappeared
into the rest room for a few minutes and then left.  Not two minutes later,
another pig came in and asked for two root beers. This pig then asked for
the rest room just like the first one had. Two more pigs came in. One
ordered three root beers and the other, four. They, too, used the rest room.
When a fifth pig came in, the bartender thought he'd get cute.
"Let me guess, you want five root beers."
The pig was amazed.  "Why, yes! Yes, I would."
The bartender sighed, set them up and the pig proceeded to drain all five.
Having done so, he started to walk out. The bartender was confused.
"Don't you want to use the rest room like the other four pigs did?"
"Oh no; I'm the fifth little piggy. I go wee-wee-wee all the way home."
From: "Carolina Terzi" <>

There is a reason why money-boxes often are pig-shaped and it's all due to
the fact that way back someone had a misunderstood word!

Centuries ago, in Europe, kitchenware and pots were all made with a thick,
reddish clay called "pygg".  During last century, an English pot-maker was
asked to make a money box (i.e. a "bank") with that clay.  In other words
he was commissioned a "pygg bank" (a clay money-box).  He however understood
he should make a money box shaped like a pig, since the pronunciation was
the same.  In spite of this misunderstanding, his customer liked the end
result a lot!  And so did a number of other people and a craze was born.

True and published story, translated for your enjoyment by yours truly.

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