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28 Sep
Catching the Ferry

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When I was single, I played tennis at an island resort, riding the ferry
almost every day.  One summer a handsome second mate started working on the
boat, and we would sometimes talk during my trip.

I was traveling with my coach and two players, when the captain handed me
a note from the new mate.  He was asking me to call him, and had noted down
a phone number.  I then looked up to see three intensely interested
spectators.  A bit flustered, I blurted out, "He wants to learn how to play
tennis.  In return he says he'll teach me how to mate."

Felicity Barrington in Reader's Digest


The bridal registry at Home Depot has a new entry:  the historic ferry
Kalakala.  The Kalakala Foundation, which is refurbishing the silver-clad
vessel, registered the ship last week.

Well-wishers can now choose from four pages of suggested gifts:  from toilet
plungers to flashlights.  Foundation member Monica Mulligan said, "Unlike
most wedding gifts, they're tax deductible."

Jean Godden, May 17, 1999
Copyright (c) 1999 Seattle Times Company


Seattle, Washington -- The Coast Guard says it's 18 inches.  At least that's
the standard allotment per person on the ferry between Vashon Island and

But officials say the posterior standard hasn't kept pace with American's
expanding bottom line.

Using the old standard, the Coast Guard measured benches on the ferry boat
Skagit and set the maximum load at 250 people.

But ferry officials noticed many of their passengers couldn't squeeze in
and were forced to sit in the aisles.  They cut the maximum capacity to 240.

They didn't cut enough. With passengers still squeezed out, they cut the
maximum down to 230.

"Eighteen-inch butts are a thing of the past," said ferry spokeswoman Susan
Harris.  "We have all expanded."

Relief is on the way for the growing girths of the Puget Sound.  Next
September, a larger vessel -- capacity 275 -- will arrive to serve the
Vashon run.

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