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30 Sep
Maudite -- The Devil's Brew

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From: Maxim Magazine  October 1999

  The Devil's Brew
  A few bottles of Maudite will make you challenge Satan.

Unibroue's Maudite Ale manages the impossible: It kicks ass despite being
French and Canadian. Brewed in the snowy land of the Quebecois, Maudite
packs a surly 8 percent alcohol punch -- three times that of Guinness.  The
devil and the flying canoe on its label represent the legend of
Chasse-Galerie: A bunch of froggy lumberjacks traded their souls to the
devil to fly back to Montreal in a canoe in time for the new Year's Day
festival -- possibly the worst deal Canadians ever made before NAFTA. On
the way back, the inebriated loggers wrapped their canoe around a church
tower, and generations of Canucks learned that Satan, beer, and flying
canoes don't mix. If your local beer store doesn't carry it, call Unibroue
at 203.852.9983.

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