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5 Oct
Wacky Patent of the Month with a Pseudonym?

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Tue,  5 Oct 99 11:41:12 -0700
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Subject: Wacky Patent of the Month with a Pseudonym?

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From: Anne Marie Merritt

Whoa!  I went to this guy's site to view this patent, and then viewed
his "Wacky Patent of the Month" at

What got me wasn't the invention - it's that the Inventor's name is
	Henry Ketcham,
and the doll drawing look suspiciously like "Dennis the Menace".
The body, head shape and nose especially are particularly similar.
The author of Dennis the Menace is,
	Hank Ketchum.  (note the ever so slightly different spelling
			    of the last name as well.)

Since Hank is a common nickname for Henry, is it possible that
a.  Hank Ketchum really did write this invention, or more likely,
b.  This is an Amazing Coincidence, or even,
c.  I need to go home, forget about this, and have a beer?

Anne Marie

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