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5 Oct
Teasing the marketing department

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Subject: Teasing the marketing department

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A woman was in her front yard mowing the grass when her neighbor (the
marketing director at an internet "portal" company) came out of the house
and went straight to his mailbox.  He opened it, looked inside, looked
suspiciously at her, then slammed the mailbox shut and stormed back into
the house.

A little while later he came out of his house again, went to the mail box
and opened it, looked inside, looked at his neighbor, and slammed the
mailbox shut again.  Fuming, back into the house he stomped.

As she was getting ready to edge the lawn, the marketing director appeared
a third time, marched to the mail box, opened it, looked inside, and then
slammed it closed harder than ever.  Puzzled by his actions, the woman asked
him "Is something wrong?" to which he replied... "There certainly is!  My
computer keeps saying... You've got mail."

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