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7 Oct
The Comedian's-eye View of 10/08/99

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of 10/08/99

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Excerpted-from: 10/08/99 -- ShopTalk

                             Friday October 8, 1999

             "I think I'm the richest man in the world ever
              to work for someone else."

			- Ted Turner, on being vice chairman at Time Warner
(in fact, Steven Ballmer of Microsoft is richer and works for Bill Gates).


It's possible that the Yankees and the Mets will meet in a subway World
Series.  "Then Hillary, boy, she'd be in trouble then, because Hillary
wouldn't know who to pretend to root for." (David Letterman)

Pamela Anderson Lee says she wants to remarry Tommy Lee on New Year's Eve
on the beach, in the nude.  And she wants everyone in the wedding to be
nude. You know who I feel sorry for?  The best man.  Think about it. Tommy
Lee asks you to be best man at his nude wedding-- you show up.  (It) turns
out, Tommy Lee's the best man..  There's no way you win. (Steve Voldseth)

The NFL announced Wednesday that Houston would get the next expansion
team--beating out Los Angeles.  News media outlets covered the press
conference live, however most of the L.A. media left early to beat the
traffic home. (John F. Kuczaj - Tribune Broadcasting)

The LAPD is in hot water again: This time they were caught lying to send an
innocent man to prison. Wow! Lies to the left of me. Lies to the right of
me. Seems the only thing the LAPD hasn't lied about was OJ!  (Bill Williams)

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