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9 Oct
LIT BITS V2 #281

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V2 #281

Today is Sunday, 10 October 1999; on this day,

165 years ago (1834),

	In Nurmijarvi, the father of the Finnish novel, dramatist, and the
     creator of Finland's modern literature, Aleksis Kivi is born. His
     _Seitseman veljesta_ (_Seven Brothers_, 1870) will be the first novel
     written in Finnish. Though he struggled throughout his life against
     poverty and hostile criticism, his works are now regarded as classics.

74 years ago (1925),

	Janet Flanner's (Genet's) first "Letter from Paris" appears in _The
     New Yorker_. In _Paris Was Yesterday_ she recalls: "All I really knew
     about what [Harold] Ross wished me to write was that it must be
     precisely accurate, highly personal, colorful, and ocularly
     descriptive; and that for sentence style, Gibbon was as good a model
     as I could bring to mind."

39 years ago (1960),

	Brendan Behan appears on the Jack Paar Show, sings a song, smokes
     a cigar, and denies that he's entered a buttermilk-drinking contest
     with Jackie Gleason.

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