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13 Oct
LIT BITS V2 #285

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V2 #285

Today is Thursday, 14 October 1999; on this day,

185 years ago (1814),

	In Mallow, County Cork, Irish writer and politician Thomas Osborne
     Davis is born. In 1842, he will cofound the weekly _Nation_ and his
     writings will become the gospel of the Sinn Fein movement.

177 years ago (1822),

	Victor Hugo, 20, marries Adele Foucher; his older brother Eugene
     suddenly goes insane at the wedding breakfast.

105 years ago (1894),

	e. e. cummings, ("I did not decide to become a poet--I was always
     writing poetry") is born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

94 years ago (1905),

	Hungarian-born American travel writer who created a series of
     popular tourist guidebooks that provided historical background and
     cultural insights into the people and places described, Eugene Fodor
     is born. His first book, _1936--On the Continent_, will be a
     best-seller in Europe and the United States.

80 years ago (1919),

	Forbidden by _Vanity Fair_ to discuss their pay, Robert Benchley,
     Robert Sherwood, and Dorothy Parker wear signs around their necks
     that reveal their salaries.

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