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16 Oct
The Snooker Diet

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A man goes to the doctor complaining of stomach pains.
"First things first", says the doctor, "lets look at your diet. What sort
of things do you eat?"
The man looks rather sheepish.  "Snooker balls", he replies. "Nothing but  
snooker balls."
"That's it?  Don't you get rather bored?," says the doctor.
"Not at all," says the man. "You'd be amazed. The pinks have a sort of
sherbetty flavour, the browns chocolate, the yellows banana..."
"I get the general idea", says the doctor. "How many do you eat?"
"I have a couple of reds for breakfast, a pink and a blue for lunch, a black
and a brown for tea, and a yellow for supper".
"You know what your problem is, don't you?" said the doctor. "You're not
getting enough greens."

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