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20 Oct
How Many "W's" Are There in "Quality?"

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Subject: How Many "W's" Are There in "Quality?"

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From: Patrick Douglas Crispen <>

How Many "W's" Are There in "Quality?"

TOURBUS' goal is to introduce you to some of the best sites and resources
on the Net.  Well, our final stop of the day is at a Web page that is so
absolutely AWFUL that it is a thing of beauty.  A special tip of the hat
goes to Lee Overstreet for locating the funniest AND most ironic Web page
I have ever seen: the University of Alabama's "Continuous Quality
Improvement" page at

<A HREF=""> </A>.

What makes this page so great is that it is funny on so many levels.
Besides the obvious broken image at the top of the page (which, by itself,
caused me to laugh for 10 minutes straight), you should also scroll down
the page, paying particular attention to the "Our Values" section.  [I can't
decide if Value number 5 or 6 is my favorite.]  The page also employs some
creative spelling -- for example, did you know that there is a "u" in the
word "interim?"

Anyway, if want a good chuckle, take a look at Bama's CQI page.  Remember,
here at the University of Alabama, "KWALITIE IZ JAHB WON!"

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