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29 Nov
The Comedian's-eye View of 11/29/99

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of 11/29/99

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Excerpted-from: 11/29/99 -- ShopTalk

                           Monday November 29, 1999

"It's the programming equivalent of crack cocaine."

    - Robert Thompson, Director of Syracuse's Center for the Study of
      Popular Television on the popularity of ABC's hit TV game show,
      'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire"

Bill Bradley has a new campaign motto: 'It can Happen.'  Other candidates
are following up.  We have some of their slogans.  Steve Forbes: 'The Other
White Billionaire.'  Warren Beatty: 'A Man Who Could Realistically Be the
Father of This Country.'  Donald Trump: 'Voter, Voter in the Stall, Who's
the Prettiest of Them All?' (Jay Leno)

Have you noticed? Barbie has a wider waist, slimmer hips and small bust in
order to appear more realistic.  Ken comes with less hair and a beer belly.
La-Z- boy, TV remote and other accessories are extra. (Kenny Noble Cortes)

Leonardo DiCaprio had his 25th birthday recently.  I understand he
celebrated the same way he does every year: arguing with the bartender that
he is really over 21. (Andrew Wisot)

The NBA is investigating Latrell Sprewell for yelling obscenities at fans.
If found guilty, he'll ask that the league reduce the charge to a minor
offense. Coach choking. (Alan Ray)

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