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2 Dec
Internet Index #25

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                                 The Internet Index
                                     Number 25
                           Inspired by "Harper's Index"*
                   Compiled by Win Treese (
               Co-author of "Designing Systems for Internet Commerce"
                                  30 November 1999

Number of e-mail messages I needed to change a name server address with
	Network Solutions: 7
Number of faxes: 2
Number of phone calls: 2
Total number of days before the change was processed: 31

Number of US cities with greater than 50% Internet penetration among
	adults: 5

Amount of the SEC budget reallocated by Congress to investigate financial
	fraud on the Internet, in millions of dollars: 5.5

Number of web sites reviewed each week in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: 50

Number of stores at the Saint Louis (Missouri) Galleria barred from
	promoting e-commerce: 170

Number of dot-com balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: 2

Estimated spending in France for Internet advertising, in millions of
	francs: 350

Estimated percentage of US small businesses with web sites: 37

Estimated 1999 revenues of ISP market in the US, in billions of dollars:

Number of people sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for
	illegally offering securities for sale on eBay: 3

Rank of Microsoft for spending on Internet advertising, in 1998: 1
Rank of Volvo: 43

Estimated percentage of total ad agency billings from dot-com companies,
	from January to October, 1999: 30

Sale price of the domain name name "", in millions of dollars:

Estimated number of Internet users in China, in millions: 4

Percentage of adults in the UK who use the Internet: 27

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Harper's Magazine Foundation.

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