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3 Dec
NTKnow Bits, 1999-12-03

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Subject: NTKnow Bits, 1999-12-03

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Excerpted-from: NTK now, 1999-12-03
From: "Danny O'Brien" <>

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          "Protecting e-risk is best seen in terms of the medieval
          period because you require a range of defences, moats,
          ramparts, portcullises, watch towers and alarms, guard dogs
          and blood hounds. Similarly you need a bespoke security
          architecture that can continually adapt to the rising
          threat of hackers."
                           - our old friend, D.K.MATAI,  "Mi2j" (sic)
              ...illiterate priests to scare the serfs also available

                                >> HARD NEWS <<
                                   how wude!

	 NSI - AN APOLOGY. In last week's NTK, we apologised for an article
	 which have suggested that NSI's modification to the whois registry
	 (to show registrars, not actual, useful, contact addresses) might
	 break existing whois utilities. NSI protested that it wasn't their
	 fault, and they were maintaining an old-style system at, which any sensible sysadmin could
	 easily switch to. On the day of the switchover, NSI's own Web
	 registration system broke. They were pointing to the wrong server.
	 NTK would like to apologise for the apology.  Sorry.

                                >> TRACKING <<
                  making good use of the things that we find

	 We *quite* like Backflip, in that "Website that does something that
	 we'd prefer to have a desktop app to do" way.  It lets you upload
	 your bookmarks to a server, which'll index them regularly, so you
	 can search your own selection of Webpages. We *quite* like Dialpad,
	 a Windows-only voice-over-IP system that lets you call any number
	 in the US for free (it's okay if you don't try using it during peak
	 hours). And we *quite* like e-tunnels, a MP3/ICQ/FTPish system for
	 people too lame to run their own servers. But we'd wait until the
	 first fifty-or-so "massive security hole/privacy violations
	 ahoy/new open source program does it better" news stories before
	 we'll use any of them, ta.
                                    - URLs here so you can go "cool!"
         - then in six weeks look witheringly at the twentieth person
                             - to show them to you. Unless that's us.

                               >> SMALL PRINT <<

       Need to Know is a useful and interesting UK digest of things that
         happened last week or might happen next week. You can read it
       on Friday afternoon or print it out then take it home if you have
     nothing better to do. It is compiled by NTK from stuff they get sent.
     Registered at the Post Office as "dashing young North London blades"
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