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7 Dec
LIT BITS V2 #340

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V2 #340

Today is Wednesday, 8 December 1999; on this day,

2063 years ago (65 BC),

	Roman lyric poet Horace, author of _Ars Poetica_, is born in Venusia.

171 years ago (1828),

	The laureate of the Confederacy, Henry Timrod, is born in
     Charleston, South Carolina. In 1873, after the poet's death, Paul
     Hamilton Hayne, a life-long friend and fellow Southener, will edit _The
     Poems of Henry Timrod_, including those supporting the southern cause,
     "Ode Sung at the Occasion of Decorating the Graves of the Confederate
     Dead," "The Cotton Boll," and "Ethnogenesis."

140 years ago (1859),

	Thomas De Quincey, 74, author of _Confessions of an English
     Opium-Eater_ (and a lifelong user of opium), dies in Lasswade, near

105 years ago (1894),

	Humorist and cartoonist James Thurber (_Is Sex Necessary?_) is born
     in Columbus, Ohio. Known for his dyspeptic wit, he will quip: "Some
     American writers who have known each other for years have never met in
     the daytime or when both were sober."

50 years ago (1949),

	Mary Gordon, novelist (_Final Payments_), is born on Long Island,
     New York.

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