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7 Dec
What next? The PTO: Peoples Trade Organization

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Date: Tue,  7 Dec 99 20:20:24 -0800
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Subject: What next?  The PTO: Peoples Trade Organization

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From: Frederica Merrell <>


I am totally inspired by the week's work to oppose the WTO.  I want to work
with people on the next steps.  I think follow-up is crucial.

I propose that we form the People's Trade Organization and convene on
November 30th, 2000 in Seattle WA. to adopt new trade rules drafted by
unions, environmentalists, developing nation reps, europeans, etc.  through
democratic and open process.

Let's build a greenprint for fair trade and offer it to the world.  Offering
an alternative to the WTO rules would be great.  We could then reward
farmers, corporations, retailers, distributors, and labor organizations that
comply with PTO rules.  Forget WTO!  Make our own trade rules and do it
democratically - let's show them how it is done!

Pass it on!

Frederica Merrell
Seattle, WA

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