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4 Jan
Blessing for a new HeNe Laser.

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Subject: Blessing for a new HeNe Laser.

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Technopagan Blessing for a new HeNe Laser

I call upon the the ancient explosion that caused the helium
I call upon the burning stars that gave rise to the neon
I call upon the the Goddess, bringer of nature, bringer of technology,
    mistress of quantum physics, and spirit of circuitry

Blessed be this helium neon laser
May it deliver a bright, coherent, TM00 beam for many years
May it not outgas nor be dropped before its time.
May it cause great joy and contentment in those who play with its beam,
May it be used only for metrology in her name, and harm none.

Blessed be also this power supply
May its high voltage terminals never be applied to living flesh
May it long apply the voltage and current required to start the tube
May it run long, warm, and strong, like an antelope on the plain.

Let its coherent beam show us the path.
Let us remember to be like the beam; brilliant, directed, and colorful.


Blessed be this new laser,
Blessed be, and rave on!

[Fire up the tube]

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