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17 Jan
Imminentizing the Echelon

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Subject: Imminentizing the Echelon

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You may have heard of Echelon, the worldwide computer system that monitors
all electronic communications.

Well, don't believe what the conspiracy crackpots tell you - it does not
automatically detect messages containing sensitive keywords. Using voice
recognition software on all the data that's been recorded needs a lot of
computing power.

But now you can help. Download the new Echelon@Home screensaver - it
regularly retrieves recorded conversations from the archives at Menwith
Hill <http://www.[deleted].com/nsa-f83-view.htm> and, while your computer
is idle, scans them for keywords.

If you want a copy of the screensaver, simply send a message with the
subject line "Echelon Wiretap" and you will be emailed a copy.

It doesn't matter who you send it to, we'll get the message.

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