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17 Feb
New Frontiers in Native Language Support

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 100 12:24:11 -0800
To: Fun_People
Precedence: bulk
Subject: New Frontiers in Native Language Support

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Forwarded-by: Nev Dull <>
Forwarded-by: (Eric D. Hendrickson)
From: (Bob Byrnes)

The NetBSD NLS (native language support) library can handle Pig Latin.
Watch ...

NetBSD> ls foo
ls: foo: No such file or directory
NetBSD> setenv LANG Pig
NetBSD> ls foo
ls: foo: Onay uchsay ilefay orway irectoryday

I am amazed that Klingon is not yet supported, though ...


EPERM           Operationway otnay ermittedpay
ENOENT          Onay uchsay ilefay orway irectoryday
ESRCH           Onay uchsay ocesspray
EINTR           Interruptedway ystemsay allcay
EIO             Inputway/outputway errorway
ENXIO           Eviceday otnay onfiguredcay
E2BIG           Argumentway istlay ootay onglay
ENOEXEC         Execway ormatfay errorway
EBADF           Adbay ilefay escriptorday
ECHILD          Onay ildchay ocessespray
EDEADLK         Esourceray eadlockday avoidedway
ENOMEM          Annotcay allocateway emorymay
EACCES          Ermissionpay eniedday
EFAULT          Adbay addressway
ENOTBLK         Ockblay eviceday equiredray
EBUSY           Eviceday usybay
EEXIST          Ilefay existsway
EXDEV           Osscray-eviceday inklay
ENODEV          Operationway otnay upportedsay ybay eviceday
ENOTDIR         Otnay away irectoryday
EISDIR          Isway away irectoryday
EINVAL          Invalidway argumentway
ENFILE          Ootay anymay openway ilesfay inway ystemsay
EMFILE          Ootay anymay openway ilesfay
ENOTTY          Inappropriateway ioctlway orfay eviceday
ETXTBSY         Exttay ilefay usybay
EFBIG           Ilefay ootay argelay
ENOSPC          Onay acespay eftlay onway eviceday
ESPIPE          Illegalway eeksay
EROFS           Eadray-onlyway ilefay ystemsay
EMLINK          Ootay anymay inkslay
EPIPE           Okenbray ipepay
EDOM            Umericalnay argumentway outway ofway omainday
ERANGE          Esultray ootay argelay
EAGAIN          Esourceray emporarilytay unavailableway
EINPROGRESS     Operationway ownay inway ogresspray
EALREADY        Operationway alreadyway inway ogresspray
ENOTSOCK        Ocketsay operationway onway onnay-ocketsay
EDESTADDRREQ    Estinationday addressway equiredray
EMSGSIZE        Essagemay ootay onglay
EPROTOTYPE      Otocolpray ongwray ypetay orfay ocketsay
ENOPROTOOPT     Otocolpray otnay availableway
EPROTONOSUPPORT Otocolpray otnay upportedsay
ESOCKTNOSUPPORT Ocketsay ypetay otnay upportedsay
EOPNOTSUPP      Operationway otnay upportedsay
EPFNOSUPPORT    Otocolpray amilyfay otnay upportedsay
EAFNOSUPPORT    Addressway amilyfay otnay upportedsay ybay otocolpray amilyfay
EADDRINUSE      Addressway alreadyway inway useway
EADDRNOTAVAIL   Ancay'tay assignway equestedray addressway
ENETDOWN        Etworknay isway ownday
ENETUNREACH     Etworknay isway unreachableway
ENETRESET       Etworknay oppeddray onnectioncay onway esetray
ECONNABORTED    Oftwaresay ausedcay onnectioncay abortway
ECONNRESET      Onnectioncay esetray ybay eerpay
ENOBUFS         Onay ufferbay acespay availableway
EISCONN         Ocketsay isway alreadyway onnectedcay
ENOTCONN        Ocketsay isway otnay onnectedcay
ESHUTDOWN       Ancay'tay endsay afterway ocketsay utdownshay
ETOOMANYREFS    Ootay anymay eferencesray: ancay'tay icesplay
ETIMEDOUT       Onnectioncay imedtay outway
ECONNREFUSED    Onnectioncay efusedray
ELOOP           Ootay anymay evelslay ofway ymbolicsay inkslay
ENAMETOOLONG    Ilefay amenay ootay onglay
EHOSTDOWN       Osthay isway ownday
EHOSTUNREACH    Onay outeray otay osthay
ENOTEMPTY       Irectoryday otnay emptyway
EPROCLIM        Ootay anymay ocessespray
EUSERS          Ootay anymay usersway
EDQUOT          Iscday otaquay exceededway
ESTALE          Alestay NFSay ilefay andlehay
EREMOTE         Ootay anymay evelslay ofway emoteray inway athpay
EBADRPC         RPCay uctstray isway adbay
ERPCMISMATCH    RPCay ersionvay ongwray
EPROGUNAVAIL    RPCay ogpray. otnay availway
EPROGMISMATCH   Ogrampray ersionvay ongwray
EPROCUNAVAIL    Adbay ocedurepray orfay ogrampray
ENOLCK          Onay ockslay availableway
ENOSYS          Unctionfay otnay implementedway
EFTYPE          Inappropriateway ilefay ypetay orway ormatfay
EAUTH           Authenticationway errorway
ENEEDAUTH       Eednay authenticatorway
EIDRM           Identifierway emovedray
ENOMSG          Onay essagemay ofway esiredday ypetay

SIGHUP          Anguphay
SIGINT          Interruptway
SIGQUIT         Itquay
SIGILL          Illegalway instructionway
SIGTRAP         aceTray/BPTay aptray
SIGABRT         Abortway aptray
SIGEMT          EMTway aptray
SIGFPE          Oatingflay ointpay exceptionway
SIGKILL         Illedkay
SIGBUS          Usbay errorway
SIGSEGV         Egmentationsay aultfay
SIGSYS          Adbay ystemsay allcay
SIGPIPE         Okenbray ipepay
SIGALRM         Alarmway ockclay
SIGTERM         Erminatedtay
SIGURG          Urgentway Iway/Oway onditioncay
SIGSTOP         Oppedstay (ignalsay)
SIGTSTP         Oppedstay
SIGCONT         Ontinuedcay
SIGCHLD         Ildchay exitedway
SIGTTIN         Oppedstay (yttay inputway)
SIGTTOU         Oppedstay (yttay outputway)
SIGIO           Iway/Oway ossiblepay
SIGXCPU         Utimecpay imitlay exceededway
SIGXFSZ         Ilesizefay imitlay exceededway
SIGVTALRM       Irtualvay imertay expiredway
SIGPROF         Ofilingpray imertay expiredway
SIGWINCH        Indowway izesay angeschay
SIGINFO         Informationway equestray
SIGUSR1         Userway efinedday ignalsay 1
SIGUSR2         Userway efinedday ignalsay 2

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