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18 Feb
TQOSDOO - (Three Quotes-Of-Some-Day-Or-Other) - Savage, Dylan, &

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If the religious right really wanted to stop gay sex, they should get
behind gay people adopting, because nothing puts a stop to gay sex faster.
	-- Dan Savage, sex-advice columnist and gay parent

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Just because you like my stuff doesn't mean I owe you anything.
	-- Bob Dylan

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"A major accident resulting in a radioactive leak has happened.  We
apologize from the bottom of our hearts," Koji Kitani, president of JCO,
Co., which operates the plant, said at a news conference in Tokyo.  He
bowed deeply in apology.
	-- From an Associated Press story on the Sept. 30, 1999 nuclear
	   accident in Tokaimura, Japan.

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