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21 Feb
Bigamous Duct Tape Slut

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 Bigamous Duct Tape Slut
 	-- by Ian Rowe

 I saw a yellow roll of duct tape
 Just the other day;
 It was shiny bright and cheerful
 But I prefer you just the same.
 Your silver skin is fine to me,
 You've born the test of time.
 Why would I want to have a roll
 Colored like a lemon rind?

 I saw some duct tape at the store
 That was the color Blue
 But for all its glamour and its style
 It made me think of you.
 Why doll you up in pretty things
 When pretty things don't last?
 If my life is a sailing ship
 Then silver is its mast.

 I used a bit of pink duct tape
 Just the other day.
 I didn't want to do it
 But you see you were away.
 The pink was kind of pretty
 But not as nice as you
 I hope you don't mind, tomorrow
 I'll buy a roll of blue.

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