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29 Feb
A prophet without honor in his own millennium

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Subject: A prophet without honor in his own millennium

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From: David D. Levine

Amazingly, Y2K prophet-of-doom Gary North's web page
( is still up and still predicting doom at the
end of 1999.  Here's an excerpt from

     [I]t will be easy to test the domino theory if there is a run by
     Japanese housewives on the unliquid Japanese banks in 1999. These
     banks will start selling the U.S. government debt that they hold in
     the hundreds of billions of dollars worth.  Interest rates in the U.S.
     will soar. The dollar will fall. Meanwhile, the run will spread to
     other nations.

     Who knows where it will start? Only one thing seems certain: it WILL
     start. And when it does, every market institution and every government
     will suffer enormous setbacks.

North hasn't just crawled into a hole since the Y2K Bust, either, there are
a couple of fairly recent updates:

     14-Jan-00   Failures Will Continue, Says Accounting Firm
     18-Jan-00   Death by a Thousand Cuts Is Still a Threat, Says
                 British Y2K Expert

This is almost as much fun as last December's Weekly World News!

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