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2 Mar
Re: Seeking a bouzouki

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Thu,  2 Mar 100 12:44:59 -0800
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Subject: Re: Seeking a bouzouki

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From: "Denis Franklin, MD" <>

> From: Frannie Germeshausen <>
> Subject: Seeking a bouzouki
> Hi!  Hope someone can help out with a lead.  A co-worker of mine is
> planning to do some recording, and he is looking for an Irish bouzouki (or
> a cittern) to rent for a couple of weeks.  In a previous life, he did some
> recording with Gerald Trimble, Silly Wizard and the Bothy Band.  I'll vouch
> for him -- he's a really great guy, and he's willing to pay decent money.
> If you have a bouzouki, or know someone in the area who has one, that might
> be available, I'd love to hear!  Thanks!
> Frannie

This is certainly ironic.  In the same e-mail download with a plea for ending
gun violence here is someone seeking a bazooka!  Can't you just plink with a
.22 like the rest of us?  It's these sorts of excesses that could give the NRA
a bad name.


[Thank you, Emily...  -psl]

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