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11 Mar

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V3 #71

LITERARY CALENDAR        Sunday, March 12 2000        Volume 03 : Number 071

154 years ago (1846),

     Elizabeth Barrett writes to Robert Browning: "If it will satisfy you
  that I should know you, love you, love you--when then indeed....  You
  should have my soul to stand on if it could make you stand higher."

78 years ago (1922),

     Jack Kerouac is born in Lowell, Massechusetts.

72 years ago (1928),

     Playwright Edward Albee (_Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?_) is born
  in Washington, D.C.

62 years ago (1938),

     In the _New Statesman_, George Orwell assesses John Galsworthy: He
  "was a bad writer, and some inner trouble, sharpening his sensitiveness,
  nearly made him into a good one; his discontent healed itself, and he
  reverted to type."

Today's poem:

                Never the Time and the Place

     Never the time and the place
     And the loved one all together!
     This path--how soft to pace!
     This May--what magic weather!
     Where is the loved one's face?
     In a dream that loved one's face meets mine,
     But the house is narrow, the place is bleak
     Where, outside, rain and wind combine
     With a furtive ear, if I strive to speak,
     With a hostile eye at my flushing cheek,
     With a malice that marks each word, each sign!
     O enemy sly and serpentine,
     Uncoil thee from the waking man!
     Do I hold the Past
     Thus firm and fast
     Yet doubt if the Future hold I can?
     This path so soft to pace shall lead
     Thro' the magic of May to herself indeed!
     Or narrow if needs the house must be,
     Outside are the storms and strangers: we
     Oh, close, safe, warm sleep I and she,--
     I and she!
                                             Robert Browning

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