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24 Mar
Online Experience

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From: Jack Doyle <>
Excerpted-from: The CNET Digital Digest
From: Jack Doyle <>

	Top Ten Reasons People Are Sad and Lonely Online

The studies keep coming: People on the Net are sad, lonely, and otherwise
blue--and the press can't get enough of it. The media, predictably, is
pointing to the lack of physical  human interaction, but we know the truth.
Here are the real reasons Web surfers are suffering.

10. Chat-room sweetheart Crystal from Los Angeles is really Fred from Detroit.
 9. Your Sims people won't get out of bed.
 8. Emailing old classmates gave them another chance to reject you.
 7. eBay obsession led to auctioning off your cat, husband, and kids.
 6. Chat-room keeps ignoring "Wasssup!" greeting.
 5. Net didn't take you anywhere near where you wanted to go  today.
 4. Who needs a girlfriend when you've got Lara Croft?
 3. Hank Williams catalogue released on MP3.
 2. Afraid to show your face in public because you've got only a 66-MHz
    Pentium and a 14.4k modem.
 1. Beats being sad and lonely offline.

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