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3 Apr
When Nobody's Awake

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A young man, back at his girlfriend's front-door after a hot date, leans
one hand on the wall and says to her, "Sweetie... I'm really turned-on...
would you give me a blowjob?"
    "No way!", she laughs.  "You're crazy, someone might see us!"
    "Don't worry, it's late, nobody's awake... please?"
    "Hey, I said `No', and I meant it.  You should have said something
before we got here."
    "Honey, it's just a quickie, come on..."
    "Baby, please..."
At this moment, the younger sister opens the door in a nightgown, with her
hair a mess, rubbing her eyes and snarls at the couple.  "Dad says either
you blow him, I blow him, or Dad'll come down and do it himself, but for
God's sake get his hand off the intercom so we can all get some sleep!"

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