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11 Apr
Can you top this?

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Subject: Can you top this?

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From: Barry Perlman

The CNN story on the verdict in Holocaust-denier David Irving's libel
suit against historian Deborah Lipstadt (she won, he lost) is at:

What particularly stuck me was this conclusion:

     Irving, who was pelted by eggs on his arrival at the courthouse and
     slipped out a back way after the verdict was read, denies that he is
     racist but says he cannot "applaud uncontrolled colored immigration."

     "It's not a historian's job to be liked," he said, adding that his
     "domestic staff" over the years including many young women from other
     cultures, including a Barbadian, a Punjabi, a Sri Lankan and a
     Pakistani. "All (were) very attractive girls with very nice breasts."

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