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17 Apr
Life Imitates Art - Accordion Division

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Subject: Life Imitates Art - Accordion Division

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From: Dan Duggan

    Oh, I got a great story for you...You probably remember the
accordion joke where the guy stops off for lunch somewhere and his
accordion is sitting in the back seat of his car...When he comes back
out he finds that someone has smashed the car window....And....Left 2
more accordions in the car...One of my favorite accordion jokes..Well,
anyway, the following incident is almost as good and it really
happened...This is not a joke!  Yesterday my son borrowed my truck to
go into town...He wanted to go to the hobby shop...There were 2 things
in the back of the truck: an old pair of tennis shoes and my accordion
...It was wide open...There's not even a door on the camper...It fell
off a while back...Well, when he comes out, there is a note sitting on
the dashboard...It says (And I quote): "Hey man, thanks for the nice
shoes..Keep the accordion"...Ha Ha! Made my day!  I'm going to blow it
up and have it framed...Makes me glad (once again) that I'm not a
guitar player!

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