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21 Apr
Digital Gutenberg. No, the *original* Gutenberg.

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Subject: Digital Gutenberg.  No, the *original* Gutenberg.

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Forwards into the Past--------------------------------------------

++++++Gutenberg goes digital,
++++++Pre-version now available++++++++

The Goettingen State and University Library announces a pre-version of its
digitized Gutenberg Bible. The 1282 pages of the Bible at Goettingen, one
of four complete, illuminated copies on vellum, have been scanned with a
high-end professional digital camera back, Picture Gate 8000 (up to
8000x9700 pixels resolution), getting file sizes for the 36 bit preservation
master TIFFs of about 380 MB (ill. pages) resp. 180 MB (text pages). The
exposure time for this extraordinary quality was only about 90 to 120

A special working place with a moveable cradle and adjustable vacuum to
hold pages flat had been designed by an engineer and restorer (M.  Mayer)
of the Graz University Library. We used so called "cool light"-area lights
(5000 Kelvin, flicker-free), important again from the preservation point
of view.

"Gutenberg digital" will be available in May on CD-ROM (2 Discs), published
by K G Saur ((Munich) and in June via the WWW on the Web Server of the
Goettingen State and University Library (
The presentation includes the complete Bible, the Goettingen Model Book,
a contemporary work which provided the patterns for the decoration of the
Goettingen Bible and the Helmasperger`s Notary Instrument, the only
contemporary source of information dealing with Gutenberg's invention.
German and English translations of these works are available. Added value
for text access is given by a selection of well known bible verses in
different languages. The whole presentation is in German and English

A pre-version of "Gutenberg digital" is now available at International visitors of the Web Site
are provided with a description of the project in English.

Comments are appreciated.

Norbert Lossau, Martin Liebetruth
Dr. Norbert Lossau
State- und University Library Goettingen
Head of the Center for Digitization (GDZ)
Subject librarian for Finno-ugrian Studies
Platz der Goettinger Sieben 1
37073 Goettingen, Germany
Tel.: +49 +551/39-5217  Fax. +49 +551/39-5222

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