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22 Apr
Resurrection Cookies

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Subject: Resurrection Cookies

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[Resurrection Cookies are like a Christian mini-seder.
 (I believe in cookies)...  -psl]

From: "Nita from Portsmouth, VA" <>

Make the night before Easter:

	Resurrection Cookies

	1 cup pecans
	3 egg whites
	1 cup sugar
	1 tsp. vinegar
	pinch salt
	wooden spoon
	wax paper
	1 Bible

 1. Preheat oven to 300.
 2. Put the pecans in a baggie.  Have the kids beat the pecans with the
    wooden spoon.  While they are doing that, Mom reads John 19:1-3.
    Explain to kids how Jesus was beaten by the Roman soldiers.
 3. Have kids smell the vinegar in the bottle.  Read John 19:28-30.  Put
    the vinegar in a mixing bowl.  Explain how Jesus was given sour vinegar
    to drink, while hanging on the cross.
 4. Add egg whites to vinegar.  Explain that the eggs represent "life", and
    that Jesus gave his life.  Read John 10:10-11.
 5. Put a small pinch of salt in each child's hand and let her/him taste it
    with their finger.  Have them sprinkle it into the bowl with the egg
    whites and vinegar.  Read Luke 23:27 and explain that the salt is like
    the "salty tears" that were shed by Jesus' followers, and the sadness
    they felt for their sins.
 6. Talk to the children about the strange combination in the bowl.  Talk
    about how could all this "unusual" stuff make a sweet cookie.  Jesus
    took something bitter and made it something wonderful.
 7. Beat the combination on high for 12-15 minutes.   As the mixture turns
    bright white.  Explain to the children that the white represents the
    purity in God's eyes of those whose sins have been cleansed by Jesus.
    Read Isaiah 1:18 and John 3:1-3.
 8. Fold in the nuts.  Drop by teaspoon onto a wax paper covered cookie
    sheet.  Talk about how the mounds look like the rocky tomb where Jesus
    was laid.  Read Matthew 27:57-60.
 9. Put the cookie sheet into the oven, close the door, and turn OFF the
10. Give the kids tape and let them "Seal" the oven.  Put 2 strips across
    the oven door to seal it.  Explain how Jesus' tomb was sealed.  Read
    Matthew 27:65-66.
11. GO TO BED!  This may feel hard for the children to leave their cookies
    unattended and not finished over night.  Explain the despair that Jesus'
    followers felt leaving Jesus in the sealed tomb that first night. Read
    John 16:20 and 22.  This really drove the point home for my children.
    They went to bed the night before Easter REALLY thinking about what
    Jesus had done for us.
12. Get up Easter morning before your children.  Remove the tape and open
    the oven.
13. When your children awaken have them get a cookie from the sheet.
    Notice how the cookies have a cracked surface.  Talk about how Jesus'
    followers were shocked to go to his tomb and find it open.
14. Have each child take a bite of his/her cookie.  They will be very
    surprised to find that their cookies are HOLLOW.  Explain how Jesus'
    followers were amazed that when they found the tomb open, that it also
    was EMPTY!  Jesus HAS risen!  Read Matthew 28:1-9.
15. Pray.  Thank God for sending his Son.  Thank Jesus for dying on the
    cross for our sins.  Thank Him for raising again.  Thank Him.  Thank
    Him.  Thank Him.

This is an awesome way to start your Easter morning out.

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