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25 Apr
LIT BITS V3 #116

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V3 #116

Today is Wednesday, 26 April 2000; on this day,

436 years ago (1564),

	William Shakespeare is baptized in Stratford-upon-Avon.

289 years ago (1711),

	Philosopher and historian David Hume is born in Edinburgh.

269 years ago (1731),

	Daniel Defoe dies in Ropemaker Street in the City of London, hiding
     from creditors.

215 years ago (1785),

	John James Audubon, artist, naturalist, and journalist, is born at
     Les Cayes in Santo Domingo (now Haiti).

157 years ago (1843),

	The founder of a Japanese school of poetry, Kageki Kagawa, dies.
     He advocated the concept of _shirabe_ ("tuning"), which stated that
     the tone of the poem was more important than its intellectual content.

107 years ago (1893),

	Anita Loos (_Gentlemen Prefer Blondes_) is born, a brunette, in
     Sisson, California.

102 years ago (1898),

	In Sevilla, Spain, Vicente Aleixandre is born. In 1977, the Swedish
     Academy will award him Nobel Prize for Literature, "for a creative
     poetic writing which illuminates man's condition in the cosmos and in
     present-day society, at the same time representing the great renewal
     of the traditions of Spanish poetry beween the wars." Among his work:
     _Destruction or Love_; _History of the Heart_; _Poems of Consummation_.

86 years ago (1914),

	Novelist Bernard Malamud (_The Fixer_, Pulitzer Prize, 1967) is
     born in Brooklyn, New York.

9 years ago (1991),

	A. B. Guthrie dies in Choteau, Montana. His three most famous novels
     are _The Big Sky_ (1947), _The Way West_ (1949), which won a Pulitzer
     Prize, and _These Thousand Hills_ (1956).

Today's poem:

                        It's Raining

     This evening it's raining,
     and my picture of you is raining.
     The day falls open in memory.
     You walked in.
     I can't hear. Memory gives me nothing but your picture.
     There only your kiss or the rain is falling.

                                          Vicente Aleixandre

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