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25 Apr
Nothing brightens up a room like a "prestige" piano

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Subject: Nothing brightens up a room like a "prestige" piano

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From: Bob Stein <>

  Old things in pianos

This is a story I read in the "Lyra" which is a Steinway news pamphlet.

A technician in Switzerland or Germany, I don't recall, was called in for
a tuning of a Steinway.  The woman was very posh and told him, "Ignace
Paderewsky played this grand [60 years back?] and said this was the best
grand he had ever played" or something like that.

The grand was in shambles to say the least.  The poor technician started
looking at it.  Opened it up, took the action out, and found a piece of
paper on which this had been written;

    To the piano tuner.

    Please try to make this horrid grand resemble anything like a Steinway.
    I will be back at five o'clock.
					I. Paderewsky.

This story was written by the actual technician so I don't question it too
much, even if it's too good to be true.

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