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5 May

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From: Heather Madrone

Jym Dyer wrote:
>=v= Recently I surfed on over to
>=v= The labels are all online in .PDF format...

Now *this* was an exciting tidbit for me, so I surfed on over to see if I
could find the label of the amazing Dr.  Bronner's
Balanced-Mineral-Bouillon, a sort of thin, brown stuff that some former
housemates of mine put on their steamed veggies and brown rice and tofu.

In 1982-83, I lived in a house of seekers.  Some of my housemates were
members of Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship.  Others were members
of Babaji's Hanuman Fellowship.  All were gentle, lovely souls.  The sense
of peace in that house was palpable until September 17, 1983, when someone
dropped a joint in a trashcan and the whole place went up like a torch.

But back to Dr. Bronner's:

There was an earnest, ongoing debate over whether Dr.  Bronner's magic
brown liquid was more or less magic than Quick-Sip, another brown vegetable
bouillon product.  Quick-Sip adherents insisted that Dr. Bronner's brew
was thin and tasteless.  Dr. Bronner's fans were equally certain that
Quick-Sip lacked the karma-cleansing potential of Dr. Bronner's.

The Dr. Bronner's crew had a point.  I could not read the label of the
magic brown stuff without feeling all of my chakras jangling.

-Heather Madrone

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