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7 May
LIT BITS V3 #128

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Excerpted-from: LITERARY CALENDAR V3 #128

LITERARY CALENDAR         Monday, May 8 2000         Volume 03 : Number 128

105 years ago (1895),

	Edmund Wilson--journalist, critic, poet, novelist--is born in Red
     Bank, N.J. e. e. cummings, will later characterize the author of
     _Memoirs of Hecate County_ and _To the Finland Station_ as "the man
     in the iron necktie."

70 years ago (1930),

	One of the earliest of the Beat Poets, Gary Snyder is born in
     San Francisco, California.

62 years ago (1938),

	Thomas Pynchon--author of _V_ and _The Crying of Lot 49_--is
     born in Glen Cove, New York.

Today's poem:


     Snowmelt pond	 warm granite
     we make camp,
     no thought of finding more.
     and nap
     and leave our minds to the wind.

     on the bedrock, gently tilting,
     sky and stone,

     teach me to be tender.

     the touch that nearly misses--
     brush of glances--
     tiny steps--
     that finally cover worlds
	      of hard terrain.
     cloud wisps and mists
     gathered into slate blue
     bolts of summer rain.

     tea together in the purple starry eve;
     new moon soon to set,
     why does it take so
     long to learn to
	 we laugh
	       and grieve.

                                                 Gary Snyder

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