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8 May
More Copyright Suits from the Suits

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Subject: More Copyright Suits from the Suits

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From: Steve Lamont
[forwards hiding their record collections]

On the heels of the successful court injunctions against and
Napster, the industry association Music and Entertainment Antipiracy Network
(MEAN) has announced that it is filing suit for copyright infringement
damages against all those who attended college since the invention of the
phonograph.  "These punks have been getting away with ripping off our
intellectual property for nearly a century and we're going to put a stop
to it," said MEAN spokesperson Simon Le Greed.  College students, contends
Le Greed, have established social networks known in the parlance of the
young as "parties" where participants often bring copyrighted material
which is then freely and openly exchanged through the aid of loudspeakers
and other audio technology.  If this suit is successful, MEAN intends to
also pursue copyright violators who hum popular tunes, sing in the shower,
or get "Candy Man" stuck in their heads for days on end. (Daily Lurker 1
April 2000)

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