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10 May
Church of Mez Sued by Real Cults

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Subject: Church of Mez Sued by Real Cults

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For Immediate Release

	Church of Mez Sued by Real Cults

SEATTLE, Washington--May 9, 2000--The Church of Mez today announced their
intentions to vigorously defend themselves against a class action filed by
the Golden Sun Supreme Unity Cult on the behalf of the world's cults.  The
suit contends that the Church of Mez is engaging in deceptive religious
practices and is not a real cult.

"These guys are a fraud!" said one member of a now defunct central Texas
doomsday cult acting as the attorney on the suit.  "They claim to be a
cult, but they don't even have a stockpile of weapons.  For God's sake,
the BATF tortured us by playing Nancy Sinatra until way past four AM.
These guys do this for fun!"

"We believe these charges to be completely without merit," Said a gold lame
clad Mez, "The Church of Mez is as much a fanatical cult as any other.  The
police once tear-gassed a restaurant near my place.  That has to count for

The Church of Mez has for years offered an innovative approach to cult
practices by offering such novel cult services as hedonism, transhumanism,
and imported chocolate, in one convenient package.

"Define 'Cult'" Said Church of Mez spokemodel, David Perlman.

The Church of Mez, Inc. ignited the fringe transhumanist cult revolution
in 1998 with the inception of the Church of Mez and is recommitted to its
original mission--to bring big hair and loose morals to artists, scientists,
computer professionals, and other miscreants in over 140 countries around
the world.

Press Contacts:
M. David Bryant

Nancy Linford

(c) 2000 Church of Mez, Inc. All rights reserved. Mez, the Mezhead logo,
and the Big Hair of Mez are registered trademarks of The Church of Mez,
Inc. Additional company and product names may be trademarks or registered
trademarks of the individual companies and are respectfully acknowledged.

Church of Mez:  Soon to be franchised in a city near you.

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