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10 May
Excerpted: 05/10/00 -- ShopTalk

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"Almighty and eternal God, who has created us in Thy image and bade us to
seek after all that is good, true, and beautiful, grant, we beseech Thee,
that, through the intercession of Saint Isidore, bishop and doctor, during
our journeys through the Internet we will direct our hands and eyes only
to that which is pleasing to Thee..."
	-- From 'Prayer Before Logging Onto the Internet,' posted in the
	   Saints Index of Catholic Online, as reported in Harper's
	   magazine.  St. Isidore has been proposed as the Net's patron

Speaking of candidates and commercials: the Gore and Bush campaigns
reportedly have cut deals to get around the Screen Actors Guild strike.
We're stunned by this news.  You mean the ads endorsing candidates might
be done by ACTORS?!  (Burkard)

[(Looking sincerely into camera) "I'm not an actor... but I play one on TV."  
-Peter Langston (yes, I said it - when I first saw *that* commercial.)]

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