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19 May
The Comedian's-eye View of 05/19/00

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Subject: The Comedian's-eye View of 05/19/00

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Excerpted-from: 05/19/00 -- ShopTalk
Forwarded-by: Don Fitzpatrick <shoptalk@TVSPY.COM>

 The Student Assembly at New York's Binghamton State University has voted
 23-7 in favor of a resolution that the campus video store stock more adult
 videos for students to rent. Every day, in every way ... earning the title
 "Generation X." (Jim Rosenberg/

 A new survey shows 25% of American have at some time been threatened with
 a handgun. The NRA says 'threaten' is such a harsh word -- they prefer
 the term 'pestered by a handgun'.  (


Now it can be told. The Washington Post has reported that the Church of
Scientology tried to boost the box office for the critically skewered
"Battlefield Earth" by e-mailing its members to see the movie time and time
again last weekend.  The message read, "Battlefield Earth MUST beat
Gladiator on the first weekend it comes out.  Anything after that doesn't
count!   So please pass on this message and let's fill the theaters...
you can go more than once, you know!"  John Travolta has said repeatedly
that the movie has nothing to do with the sect's teachings. While earning
$11.5 million, a respectable first weekend take, "Battlefield Earth" still
wound up a distant second behind the "Gladiator" tally of $24.6 million.
(Bruce Maiman)

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